Welcome to Wisconsin’s Northwoods!

A Unique Eatery

The Park Falls Gastropub LLC is owned and managed by 34+ community members (current, seasonal and past) who wanted a place to gather over good food and craft beer to listen to good music and visit. We actively work together, with monthly meetings and frequent email messages, to keep improving on what we have created, and we have more planned as funds and time allow.  Our owners are unique individuals with their own personal beliefs, so as a group, the LLC has no political, religious, social, etc. position.

The Park Falls Gastropub is a place where people gather for brews, food, and friends in a comfortable, family-friendly environment. We encourage discussion and the open exchange of ideas among our patrons in a respectful and family-friendly manner. If your event might make patrons uncomfortable, please reserve the lounge.

We feature craft beer on tap – mostly Wisconsin beer, but we do include some from Minnesota and Michigan.  We feature Von Stiehl wine, made in the oldest winery in Wisconsin.  We recently added Wisconsin distilled spirits to our menu, but do not “mix” drinks.  We’ll sell you a shot (or two) and a mixer to mix your own.

For food, we source locally/regionally to a large extent, using high quality products and making most of our food from scratch.  We buy Wisconsin cheese that we grate ourselves.

Our unofficial motto is “Enter a stranger, leave a friend”.  We hope you come in to check us out and become one of our family.

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A Little History

In the early 1900’s our building was the “Soo Hotel”, owned by Peter Wilcott.  It began as a boarding house located in Triangle Park, near the depot.  Emil Vuchetich, an immigrant from Lipice, Croatia (Yugoslavia) moved to Park Falls in 1918, where he worked as an independent logger before purchasing the Soo Hotel at public auction for $275. At a cost of $600, he used 30 horses to move the structure from Triangle Park to its current location on Highway 13.  Emil, along with his sons Frank, Michael, Karl, John, and Lawrence operated “Vicihy’s Bar’ from 1921 to 1965.  We still have the tin ceilings and walls, wainscoting, school house lights, and wooden floors for those days.  His wife, Marica, along with her daughters Margaret, Jennie, Mary and Helen operated a boarding house out of the “house” attached to the back of the bar

The Vuchetich family has stories to tell of converting grapes to sell during Prohibition and encounters with gangsters.  We’re hoping to get some of those stories in writing to add to this page.

In 2006, Mary Vuchetich sold the property to Gregory Broome, who planned on opening a Chinese restaurant.  His plans (and his partner) changed, with Greg finally opening the Chequamegon Canoe Club in 2011.  The CCC was intended to be a coffee house that also served craft beer, but the coffee house idea wasn’t doing as well as the craft beer and bistro-style meals, so the coffee went away.  Eventually, the CCC became a beer, pizza, soup and sandwich place that had live music on occasion.  Greg’s big personality brought the place alive and made everyone feel welcome.  Unfortunately, Greg closed the doors and walked away in January 2015, leaving a big hole in the lives of his customers.

The Park Falls Gastropub LLC purchased the property from Greg on June 23, 2016 and spent several months cleaning, painting and refurbishing the property.  We decided to highlight the history of the building.  When you enter the Gastropub, you will see the original tin ceilings and walls, original wainscoting, school house lights, and wooden floors.  We opened to sell beverages on September 17, 2016, with food being added in November. 2016. We have a 5-year plan for continued improvements, so keep visiting us to see what is new.

As a nod to the past, you will find pictures of the Vichy’s and Chequamegon Canoe Club eras on our walls.  Check them out.

Craft Beer on Tap

We routinely carry:

South Shore Nut Brown
New Glarus Spotted Cow
New Glarus Moon Man

Plus 4 other regional craft beers – an IPA and a dark (such as stout, porter, scotch ale), and then maybe a medium (such as red, amber, brown), a light or a seasonal. Check the sign board in the Gastropub for the craft beer currently on tap. Some of our craft beers are only available in goblets and/or at higher prices. We usually have New Holland Dragon’s Milk on tap, available only in a goblet.

Birthday Mug
Pitcher served with plastic glasses
Pitcher served with glass glasses

Wisconsin-Distilled Spirits

We now have Wisconsin distilled craft spirits. (Choices will vary.) We have found these spirits to be very smooth and flavorful. We do not “mix” drinks, but will sell you mix if you want to mix your spirits with one of the sodas or juices that are available for purchase. Sorry, we do not serve condiments. We suggest you sample your chosen spirit before adding anything to it. We welcome your comments so we can continue improving.

1. Ask for your glass:
Sipper (4 oz. taster glass); Short (7.5 oz. rocks glass), or Tall (16 oz. pint glass)

2. Ask for On the Rocks (ice) or Straight Up (no ice/neat)

3. Ask for the quantity of spirts you want:
Single (1.25 oz.) or Double (2.5 oz.)

4. Ask for the type of spirits you want. See list for availability and price for a single.  Add $4 for a double.

5. Ask for the mix you want, if any. Mix is sold as soda/juice in cans/bottles for $1. 7-Up/Diet 7-Up, Coke, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Soda Water, Squirt/Diet Squirt, Tonic Water
Cranberry Cocktail, Orange Juice, Spicy V-8, Tomato Juice, Bloody Mary Mix

Bourbon – Border Bourbon Whiskey (45th Parallel)
Bourbon - J. Henry & Sons Bourbon Whiskey aged 5 yeares
Brandy - Door County
Brandy - The Cider Farm Apply Brandy
Gin - Door County Gin
Gin - Midwest
Rum - Twisted Path
Vodka - Door County Cherry Vodka
Vodka - Great Northern Potato Vodka
Vodka - Midwest Vodka (grain)
Whiskey - Great Lakes Kinnickinnic blended
Whiskey - 45th Parallel New Richmond Rye
Tequila - Patron (sorry, no WI-distilled)

Other Alcoholic Beverages

Simple Bloody Mary - served with pickle or olive
Fancy Bloody Mary - served a variety of condiments
Mimosa (orange juice & Stanford Brut)
Gastropub Old Fashion - Featuring Apple Brandy from The Cider Farm and Cherry Bluff Infusion from Door County
Northwoods Sunset (cherry vodka, orange & cranberry juice, grenadine
Beer - can (Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, Leinie's)
Hard Cider (Stella Artois Cidre
Hard Soda (root beer)
Black Oak Chardonnay 187 ml bottle
Wine - Woodbridge Merlot 187 ml bottle
Wine - Black Oak Merlot 187 ml bottle
Wine - Cavit Pinot Grigio 187 ml bottle
Wine - Sierra Batuco Reserva (Chile) (Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon) 187 ml bottle
Wine - Black Oak White Zinfandel 187 ml bottle
Wine - Spanish Poquito Moscato 375 ml
Wine - Von Stieihl Oktoberfest, Naughty Girl, Sassy Sangria, Satin Red, Merlot 750 ml bottle
Wine - Stanford Brut Champagne

Other Beverages

NA Beer - various imports
Ginger Beer
Soda - bottle of Sprecher Oange Dream or Point Root Beer
Soda - can (7-Up, Diet 7-Up, Coke, Diet Pepsi, Squirt, Diet Squirt, Mountain Dew, Mist Twist)
Cranberry Juice - bottle
Orange Juice - bottle
Tomato Juice - can
Chocolate Milk (when available)
Coffee - K-cup
Apple Cider - packet
Tea - bag
Hot Chocolate
Flavorings - grenadine, peach, or raspberry


Prices are for a small thin & crispy crust that serves 2-3.  Add $3 for a small rising crust.  Need to serve 4?  Ask for a large thin crust for an additional $4 or a large rising crust for an additional $5

Need Gluten  Free or want to go lighter?  Get one of the following on a GF cauliflower/broccoli/cheddar crust – cheese or veggie – for the same price as as 12″ pizza, or get a broccoli & cheddar cheese for $14.99.

Planning to bring a large group?  If you notify us the day before, we can make large rectangular rising crusts pizzas that serve 5-6 each for $8 more than a thin 12″ crust.

Our pizzas feature local/regional ingredients, with most having 5 types of Wisconsin cheese that we shred onsite so there are no fillers or preservatives added.  We make our sauce and sausage to our taste, which means they do not have a heavy Italian flavor. Based on the feedback we have received, you will not be disappointed if you try our pizza.

Personalize With These Pizza Toppings
(Additional cost per ingredient)
Bacon, Chicken, Ground Beef, Pepperoni, Pork Sausage, Spicy Italian Sausage – $3 on a small pizza; $4.50 on a large pizza

Black Beans, Capers, Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Olives, Onion, Pepperoncini, Pineapple, Salsa, Sweet Bell Peppers – $1 on a small pizza; $1.50 on a large pizza

Pot Roast - Roast beef, carrots, onions, mushrooms, potato chips, Ranch dressing
Reuben - Brown mustard/mayo base, corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, pumpernickel cubes, Thousand Island dressing.
Southwest – Sweet salsa (hot or medium), ground beef, black beans, onions, bell peppers, cheddar cheese, tortilla strips
Classic Italian – Our red sauce (incl. fresh tomatoes), our sausage, gourmet thick-cut pepperoni, onions, sweet bell peppers
Chicken Alfredo – Alfredo sauce, chicken, broccoli, onions
Spicy Italian Sausage - Spicy Italian sausage, red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes
Veggie - Onions, sweet bell peppers, mushrooms and black olives
Cheese Pizza – Our red sauce (made w/Roma tomatoes) and 5 cheeses (Asiago, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Provolone, Romano)


Cup of honey roasted peanuts or trail mix
Pretzels and mustard
Blue corn chips and salsa (mild or hot)
Soft pretzel & Mustard


Sandwiches are baked, not grilled.  They are served with pickles and your choice of corn chips & salsa, potato chips, or BBQ beans. Substitute a cup of soup for $1.50

Turkey & Cheese - Gouda, provolone, turkey,tomato, tamed jalapeno, chipotle mayo
Pastrami & Cheese - Gouda, provolone, pastrami, dill pickle, chipotle mayo
Cheese - Gouda & provolone with chipotle mayo
Reuben - Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, 1000 Island dressing on pumpernickel


There are 3 choices of soup for the winter: Southwest Chicken, Veggie Pasta, and Carrot/Lentil/Ginger Bisque.  Choices may vary.

Cup of Frank's Award-Winning Brisket Chili
Bowl of Frank's Award-Winning Brisket Chili
Cup of Soup
Bowl of Soup
BBQ Beans
Tuxedo Brownie
Tiramisu - classic or chocolate

Southwest Pizza

Tired of taco pizzas?  This pizza brings the flavor of the Southwest without being boring.  It feature lightly seasoned browned ground beef, black beans, a unique sweet & spicy salsa, onions, sweet bell peppers, and tortilla strips, topped with cheddar cheese and our 3-cheese blend topping cheese.

Classic Italian

Better than the usual Northwoods pizza, our (Not so) Classic Italian starts with sauce made with fresh Roma tomatoes, topped with thick-cut gourmet pepperoni, pork sausage that we season for just the right flavor, onions, sweet bell peppers, and 5 types of cheese.  Delicious!

Call Ahead

Place your order over the phone!

After 4 p.m daily, call (715) 518-9108

Or email to manager@pfgastropub.com

and follow up with a phone to confirm order
and arrange your pick-up time.


Valentine's Day 3-Course Meal

Share a something special with someone special this Valentine’s Day. For each course, you have a choice from 2 items. There will be 3 table seatings, limited to 7 couples per seating. 4:30, 6:00 and 7:0 pm.


Upcoming Events

Check the event list below, or “Like” our Facebook page to track our events.  We bring free live music to the Gastropub frequently.



Bringing in a group of 8 or more people?  The upstairs lounge and the long tables in the bar are available to reserve for large groups/events.

The Park Falls Gastropub is a place where people gather for brews, food, and friends in a comfortable, family-friendly environment. We encourage discussion and the open exchange of ideas among our patrons in a respectful and family-friendly manner. If your event might make patrons uncomfortable, please reserve the lounge.

Weekly Events

Tuesday Talks are held when speakers are available. We bring a changing lineup of speakers to provide a wide variety of information.  This event starts at 6:30 and end by 7:30 so people who have to work the next day can get home early.  Do you have a topic you would like to share?  If can be very informal.  Come in for supper with us before the talk starts!

Wednesday Open Mic performers – sign up on the clipboard located to the right as you enter the Gastropub. Max runs open mic so please work with him.  Each performer gets to do 3-4 songs for 15-20 minutes.  If there is time, you may be allowed to do more at the end, or there could be a jam session.  We have guitars, a banjo and a ukulele that you may use.  We also have a keyboard but need 24 hours notice to set it up.

First Friday Gastropub Trivia is held 9 – 10 pm on the 1st Friday of the month.  Topics change.  No electronics

Second Saturday Sing Along/Karaoke runs from 9 to 11 on the 2nd Saturday of the month.  We use Karafun, so you can go online to browse their catalog for possible song choices.  Perform on stage, sing from your seat, or ask for a group sing along.

Open Mic/Karaoke – If you perform on stage, ask for a ticket to enter a monthly drawing for a free pizza.


Musicians Wanted!

Need a gig? Email manager@pfgastropub.com for more information on scheduling & compensation. Join us for Open Mic Night every week on Wednesday so we can hear you perform.

Find Us

Park Falls Gastropub

124 4th Avenue South
Park Falls, Wisconsin

(715) 518-9108

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After you sign up as a customer of the Gastropub, add the following email to your contacts so you receive emails from us with discounts and updates:  marketing@messages.squareup.com

Hours & Closings

We are open at 4 pm daily, 7 days a week.  Although we have posted closing times, this is to guarantee we will be open until then.  If you want to stay a bit later, we often can, too!

Cooks are scheduled 4 -7  pm daily. Our bartenders should be able to make you something if a cook isn’t on.

If you have special needs or are bringing a group, it is always good to call first so we can make arrangements to accommodate you as we try to keep costs down by not scheduling heavy on traditionally light days.

We are closed for several holidays.  They include:

New Year’s Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


4 pm - Midnight
Friday & Saturday
4 pm - 10 pm
Sunday - Thursday

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